Delicious Dessert Concepts That Don’t Need Much Work

Delicious Dessert Concepts That Don’t Need Much Work

There’s nothing quite like a great dessert to finish of a good meal. We all know we shouldn’t, and we feel guilty eating it, but it’s hard to resist your favorite treats when they are them on offer.

A dessert at the end of a meal is a necessity for me, so you can imagine how many I’ve eaten in my time. Here are just a few that I have enjoyed.

Some of these you will instantly recognize, others you may not. The great thing about a dessert is that you can give them your own personal twist, so why not get online for the basic recipes and have a shot at making them?

One of my all time favorites which will always have a place on my dessert resume is the classic mousse made from white chocolate. Those to tend to stick to a traditional chocolate mousse are more often than not pleasantly surprised when they try this version.

If you like a bit of fruit in your desserts; add some drizzle to the mousse, in a flavor with a bit of a kick like raspberry. The sharpness of the fruit is a great contrast to the chocolate.

If you think along the same lines like me and want your dessert to look great, you can create wonderful cocktail from ingredients like ice cream using a martini glass.

These look amazing at a dinner party. Your guests won’t take any notice of how simple the recipe is; they will be blown away by the presentation. Put in other stuff like fruit and trimmings to really impress.

The internet is great for showing us how things that look complicated are really quite easy to do. This dessert is a prime example, an ice cream filled mango that has been cut into the shape of a rose.

If you are a mango fan you will love this, and the combination of the mango flavor with either sorbet or ice cream is sublime.

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