How To Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

How To Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog - Which One Is Harder To Choose: Your Domain Name Or Your Baby Name? Don’t you think choosing a domain name is like choosing a name for a baby? Choosing a name for a baby is one of those moments in life that is not explainable.

I remember crystal clear when I chose my daughter’s name ten years ago. I had no problem in choosing a name because I actually had the name in my mind for a long time. Some of you may have been in the same situation or some may have checked the boys/girls names book to find a proper name. Some people let the grannies select a name. Anyway, You know how it feels and what I’m talking about

I, personally think choosing a proper domain name is much harder. In this post I talk about the two biggest problems facing you in choosing a domain name and then I show you some shortcuts to solve it. I think if I just share my story with you and tell you what happened to me,then you will be able to eliminate those mistakes and save a lot of your time. I’m quite sure,at the end of this post, you know what to do exactly  in a step by step process to register your favorite domain name.

Well, Selecting a domain name is a little bit harder ( in my opinion ) in two cases. First and may the most important problem is that when you choose a name for your baby you can choose whatever name you like, no matter if it’s an old name, it’s a strange name ( I heard that a chinese couple named their only child “@ sign” as in email addresses) or it’s a one word name or a combination of two or three names.

But when it comes to domain names, It’s just not that easy.The problem is: “ You Can’t Choose Whatever Name You Want”. Let me put it in this way: “ Just because you like a name, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can get it”. The reson is very simple: “ If sombody has taken that name before, you can’t take it”. You’re surprised! Huh?

Let me explain it a little bit:

In most of the Webhosts or Domain Registrar sites, there is a search bar that you can check the availability of the domain name you have in mind. Just type your name and hit enter ( I talk about the Top Level Domain or TLD later in the post).

If that name is available you are welcomed to take it. But this normally doesn’t happen at the first time. I personally try 5-10 different combinations of names to find a good one that’s not been taken yet. I’m pretty sure that you will agree with me if you do it once or probably you have done it before.

This is the biggest problem when you want to choose a good domain name. I can assure you that there are so many bloggers and site owners who even don’t belive that this is a problem, let alone trying to solve it. Well, let’s face it, May be for some gurus and expert bloggers it’s a very easy task, but for most of us who want to just start your blog and/or online business, this is one of the most challenging steps you have to take.

The second problem is not that challenging if you have spent a good time searching for a proper name. Let’s go back to choosing a name for your baby. You choose a name for your baby and you are very happy with it. Some years pass and your baby grows up with that name and a day comes that he/she doesn’t like the name you chose for him/her ( with all the love that you have for them). Well! Lets be fair and honest: “It’s their name”. T

hey have the right to keep it or change it” (May be it’s different in your country, But in Australia people can fill out a form and prepare some required documents and submit them to the that is the department of Births, Deaths & Marriages in Victoria, Australia,and by doing that, not only they can change their first, but even their family name as well).

You’re surprised! Now the second problem in the domain name selection process:

If you pick a domain name ( and pay for it) and aftear a minute or a week you feel that it’s not good or you come up with a better domain name,do you think you can change it? Well if you think you can, I have to tell you the bad news: No! You can’t.

You don’t believe me?

Go to a hosting site, e.g. or or ( or a domain registrar site, you can see a list of them in ICANN ). These sites can search the entire internet to check whether your preferred domain name is available or not ( somebody may have registered it before).

If you are lucky enough and nobody has taken that name yet, you can buy it ($1-$20 normally) and that domain name is yours for a year. You should be very careful on what domain name you choose.

Well ! What if You don’t like it anymore? Or you may have found a better name? You have to buy another domain. It’s impossible to change that name. You have to pay for another name and the first one is yours until it expires (unless you want to renew it).

What do you think now? Don’t panic. PLEASE KEEP READING!

In the next two posts I try to explain:

what a top lavel domain ( TLD ) is, the details of how to choose a good domain name, how to select a domain name that shows exactly what we do in our business, how to register the best domain name that nobody has selected before, how to check a domain availability and so many other things like free domain registration.

The domain name registeration, quite opposite of what many think, is actually very easy. I will show you a step by step process of registering your domain name in the way that you can use it again and again in the future.

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